Shoot. It’s Hard Out Here For A Dad.

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photo (7)I’m a sucker. Simple.

I know it. My wife knows it. Hell, everyone knows it.

Case in point. My wife’s latest Facebook comment regarding the much needed exorcism of our daughter:  Chuck is the one that sent her to her room so you know it must be bad. – J. Parker-Stephens

The next three comments ranged from: “Yeah, it must be bad” to “Oh my … that tells it all” and my favorite, “Seriously, wow that’s a first.”

Here’s the thing. They’re right. I’m finding it hard to hold back the tears tonight because I had to put my baby to bed without any of her shows, reading to her or singing her songs when I tucked her in. Yes, I know I need to discipline my child, but I’m not going to lie …

It’s hard out here for a dad.

My daughter is the best thing I have ever done in my life. She is my world and nobody told me it would be this hard to discipline her when she hurts my feelings or lets me down. I know that it’s the right thing to do, but it’s so hard. Even when she is SO wrong!

Truth be known I’m a softy. Outside this tough Bruce Willis-like exterior and Michael Keaton-like interior is just a dad who doesn’t know if he can always make the best decisions when his baby screws up.

So there you go. I’m a sucker. I know it. My wife knows it. And all of her Facebook friends and you know it.

I’ve gotta go. I think I heard Charlie hollering for a drink of water.

Shoot. It’s hard out here for a dad.

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  1. Buck-up buttercup! Cinch up your man-drawers and be the bad guy for once so your wife can have a break. The Medleys are putting on a discipline clinic 16/7 (16 hours a day, 7 days a week). You get to be the one to teach her that the consequences to her actions can sometime be painful or difficult to handle. Wouldn’t you want control over that lesson rather than some neighborhood punk or her first boyfriend? #instantdeathtothatkid Firm, consistent discipline will not diminish her love for her father. I know I’m speaking logically and you’re well aware of this information… but I just wanted you to know if ain’t that hard out here.


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